Tony Berru

I developed an interest in photography in my late teens. Under the instruction of a great photographer, Ed Bogenschild, I found a calling behind the lens. Timing was not my friend however, and after HS graduation, I spent the next 32 years doing anything BUT photography. In 2003 my son started playing high school baseball and football. His first season led to a new camera, and each subsequent season led to a better camera system and my old passion started to reemerge. With each new season came a new wave of competence. As he played more and advanced further, I ended up with many more opportunities to hang with and shoot many amazing athletes. There wasn’t one road trip that didn’t also come with a landscape or great face image that led to awesome stories. 

Photography to me is the antithesis of a 140 character existence. These images are more than a mere click at an event. They represent the art of patience, awareness and a willingness to see the value of real life. There are no better things in life than when someone sees what I see in my imagery and then asks me to be part of their event, doing what I love to do. Since those early days of early sports shooting, I have been able to represent my photojournalistic style of shooting in many areas, from contract sports, to the street event experience, to even the chronicling of many significant client events. 

I believe that a photograph is a powerful reminder of a specific moment in time, and while landscapes and staged images can be really awesome, the quality of a great moment is worth it’s weight in gold. That is what I go after whenever I grab my camera bag and head out for the day.

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